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insoluble fibre (pea hulls)

EXAFINE™ 500 insoluble fibre (hulls) is a natural fibre separated from yellow peas. The careful husking of the pea seeds provides hulls that are practically free from digestible sugars and fats. Furthermore, the peas are cleaned before hulling and a heat treatment of pea fibre offers microbiological guarantees.

The hull of yellow pea is composed of:

Insoluble fibre (hulls) is composed of ±87% insoluble fibre and ±13% soluble fibre.

Its water retention is from 3 to 5g of water per 1g of fibre.



Here are the main characteristics of our Exafine™ 500, insoluble fibre (hulls):


Physical appearance: powder, 90% particles <500µm
Colour: beige
Odour: neutral
Taste: almost neutral

 Exafine™ 500 insoluble fibre (hulls) is used in:

  • pet food as insoluble fibre (senior pet food) and especially in cat food to avoid the formation of hairballs in the intestines;
  • piglets to guarantee better friction on the intestinal walls, good regulation of the transit of the intestinal flora.


Our Exafine™ 500 insoluble fibre (hulls) is used in:


pet food: from 2 to 5 % in the diet;
piglets: 2% in the diet.

Our insoluble pea hull fibre is available:

  • in 25kg paper bags (double polyethylene) on 750kg pallets (120x80x175cm);
  • in big bags of 850kg on 80x120cm pallets.

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