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pea pulp fibre

Our pea pulp, composed of internal fibres and starch, is guaranteed to be free of genetically modified organisms and allergen free.
Pea pulp fibre is separated from the yellow pea by grinding and then it is sieved.

This fibre fraction is composed of cellulose (±15%), pectin (±40%), and hemicellulose (±45%).

In fact, the high pectin and hemicellulose content leads to a great water retention capacity and significant oil retention: 10g of water per 1g of SweliteTM and ±2.9g of oil per 1g of SweliteTM.

SWELITE™ pea pulp fibre also contains natural starch (+/- 44%) of which a part (+/- 15%) of the starch is resistant starch. This resistant starch is an ideal substrate for lactobacilli in the intestines in monogastrics.



Here are the main characteristics of pea pulp fibre:


Physical appearance: powder, particles of ± 250 µm (90% <530µm)
Colour: off-white, slightly yellowish
Taste: practically neutral

SWELITE™ pea pulp fibre is used:


  • as a dietary fibre offering solutions to intestinal troubles of young animals (calves, piglets, etc.). It is very effective in controlling liquid faecal matter. Patent application no. 18213874.3;
  • as a vegetable carrier for liquid products (vitamins, essential oils, lecithin, etc.) for very specific applications (introduction in milk powder products, aqua feed, etc.);
  • in wet pet food: to capture the juice to obtain a well homogenised mixture.

SWELITE™ pea pulp fibre is used at 1% of the diet for young animals (calves, piglets).



Pea pulp fibre is available in 15kg net multiply paper bags on a 450kg pallet (120x80x170cm).

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